Hi, this is my website. It's currently a work in progress and my old website is getting massively deprecated. The goal of this website is to unify all of my projects under one hood, inside one app, rather than it being a central hub for everything. Please bear with me while I update this page with everything I had before.

What's the deal with the ugly elements?

I just don't have the designs for every element right now. So I'm working on what I can with the time I am given. I'm not a designer so a lot of the website is ugly but this will change very soon.

About Me

An experienced Full Stack Web Developer with a BSc in Computer Security. Developed secure tools such as a robust password manager and AI tools like a conversationally-aware Discord bot. I bring a grounding in security, a willingness to learn and a commitment to overcoming challenges.


The easiest way to contat me would be through email. Send me an email to lukasz+web [at] baldy.ga. Though, every email that goes to baldy.ga ends up in my mailbox, so you can do whatever you want really. (Being fancy gives you extra points 😉)