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Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.Value.IValue Interface Reference

A value More...

Inheritance diagram for Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.Value.IValue:
Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.Flow.MethodChunk Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.Value.ExpressionValue Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.Value.ValueTypes.VariableValue

Public Member Functions

string GetDescription ()
 The description of the value More...
int ToInt ()
 Converts the value to an integer More...
double ToDouble ()
 Get the double representation if the IValue More...
bool ToBool ()
 Get the boolean representation if the IValue More...
Color ToColor ()
 Get the color representation if the IValue More...
string GetOriginalType ()
 Gets the original type of the IValue More...
bool IsInitialised ()
 Checks if the IValue is initialised More...
IValue Clone ()
 Clones the IValue More...

Detailed Description

A value

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clone()

◆ GetDescription()

string Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.Value.IValue.GetDescription ( )

◆ GetOriginalType()

string Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.Value.IValue.GetOriginalType ( )

◆ IsInitialised()

bool Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.Value.IValue.IsInitialised ( )

◆ ToBool()

bool Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.Value.IValue.ToBool ( )

◆ ToColor()

Color Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.Value.IValue.ToColor ( )

◆ ToDouble()

double Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.Value.IValue.ToDouble ( )

◆ ToInt()

int Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.Value.IValue.ToInt ( )

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