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Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.DrawingVerbs.RegularPolygon Class Reference

A class that generates a RegularPolygon IVerb. More...

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Public Member Functions

 RegularPolygon (Drawer drawer, IValue sides, IValue scale, IValue offset, IValue degMode)
 Draws a regular polygon. See . See also . More...
void ExecuteVerb ()
 Draws the regular polygons More...
string GetDescription ()
 Describes how the regular polygon will be drawn More...

Detailed Description

A class that generates a RegularPolygon IVerb.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RegularPolygon()

Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.DrawingVerbs.RegularPolygon.RegularPolygon ( Drawer  drawer,
IValue  sides,
IValue  scale,
IValue  offset,
IValue  degMode 

Draws a regular polygon. See . See also .

sidesNumber of sides in the regular polygon
scaleThe scale of the regular polygon
offsetRotation offset of the regular polygon
degModeDefault is true. If true, offset is in degrees. If false, offset is in gradians.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ExecuteVerb()

void Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.DrawingVerbs.RegularPolygon.ExecuteVerb ( )

Draws the regular polygons

Implements Advanced_Software_Engineering.IVerb.

◆ GetDescription()

string Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.DrawingVerbs.RegularPolygon.GetDescription ( )

Describes how the regular polygon will be drawn

A description of how the polygon will be drawn

Implements Advanced_Software_Engineering.IVerb.

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