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Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.DrawingVerbs.Rectangle Class Reference

Rectangle IVerb class More...

Inheritance diagram for Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.DrawingVerbs.Rectangle:

Public Member Functions

 Rectangle (Drawer drawer, IValue width, IValue height)
 Create a rectangle instance. Makes sure that More...
string GetDescription ()
 Gets the description from the rectangle More...
void ExecuteVerb ()
 Draws the rectangle More...

Detailed Description

Rectangle IVerb class

<todo> Correct </todo>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Rectangle()

Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.DrawingVerbs.Rectangle.Rectangle ( Drawer  drawer,
IValue  width,
IValue  height 

Create a rectangle instance. Makes sure that

widthrectangle width
heightrectangle height

Member Function Documentation

◆ ExecuteVerb()

void Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.DrawingVerbs.Rectangle.ExecuteVerb ( )

Draws the rectangle

Implements Advanced_Software_Engineering.IVerb.

◆ GetDescription()

string Advanced_Software_Engineering.Verbs.DrawingVerbs.Rectangle.GetDescription ( )

Gets the description from the rectangle

Describes the rectangle

Implements Advanced_Software_Engineering.IVerb.

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