Advanced Software Engineering
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CCircleCircle IVerb class
 CClearThe Clear IVerb class
 CDotThe Dot IVerb class
 CDrawLinesDrawLines IVerb class
 CDrawToDrawTo IVerb class
 CFillFill IVerb class
 CFillColorThe FillColor IVerb class
 CMoveToMoveTo IVerb class
 CPenColorThe PenColor IVerb class
 CQuadrilateralThe Quadrilateral IVerb class
 CRectangleRectangle IVerb class
 CRegularPolygonA class that generates a RegularPolygon IVerb
 CResetPenSetsets the pen to the initial position
 CSquareThe Square IVerb class
 CTriangleThe Triangle IVerb class
 CDeclareMethodDeclares a method. See DrawingVerbs.Actions.NoOp because these classes behave similarly
 CForChunkA ForChunk is similar to a WhileChunk. It executes a specific number of times
 CIfChunkA simple If Object
 CIVerbChunkA Collection of chunks to be executed. They extend IVerb because they should be interchangable
 CMethodChunkThe method chunk class
 CVerbChunkA simple VerbChunk. Used for storing and executing a bunch of verbs
 CWhileChunkA Chunk that loops over its code
 CPointValueA point IValue. Simply the same as Point but with IValues intstead of ints
 CVariableValueVariable value is responsible for setting up values for UpdateVariable to then update
 CDeclareVariableDeclares a variable
 CExpressionValueExpression values are used when there are two IValues that need to be added or subtracted or anything from each other
 CIValueA value
 CUpdateVariableUsed for updating the variables
 CValueFactoryValue factory creates values
 CValueHelperThis class contains a large amount of useful conversions
 CValueStorageThe storage for all the values
 CAbout_WindowAuto generated code
 CCommandAndParameterParserResultThis class is a direct replacement to the dictionaries that were returned by HelperFunctions.CommandAndParameterParser(string). This class provides better intraface to the output
 CCommanderThe commander class takes care of commands. It also takes control of the drawer
 CCommandHelpThis class is resposible for the command help window. The command help window shows help for the commands
 CDetailsWindowThis form is reponsible for showing details. It is essentially a textbox in a form
 CDraw_PreviewAuto Generated Code
 CDrawerThe drawer is responsible for drawing on the graphics object
 CErrorWindowThe error window that can show errors, warnings and messages
 CHelperFunctionsThis class simply provides settings and some functions that are used across many components
 CIVerbIVerb is an interface for executing and getting the descriptions of Verbs. Some Verbs draw lines, some verbs will assign
 CMenuAuto generated code
 CTextEditorAuto generated code
 CVerbFactoryThis class is responsible for creating Verbs
 CCommandTesterThe CommandTester class tests the commands possible, mostly by getting a IVerb and checking it's description.
 CHelperFunctionsTesterThis class tests HelperFunctions methods. It uses a combination of manual and random tests